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Curriculum Vitae

Marco Ambrosini was born in Carrara on 3 August 1969. He graduated in Carrara at Professional National Institutute for Industry and Handicrafts in sculpture and modelling, after he graduated from the Artistic High School in Carrara.

In 1995 he graduated at the Fine Arts Academy in Carrara.

Since 1998 he works in Carrara in the study of sculpture "Carlo Nicoli" creating and collaborating with internationally renowned artists in their works, among them such names as: L. Bourgeois, A. Kapoor, A. Poncet, J. Deredia, M. Rossello, J. Roca Rey, M. Palladino, B. Bruni, J. Sancho, I. Messac and many other artists.

From 2004 he decided to stop cooperation with the Nicoli’s Studio to continue on their own following to performs works by great artists such as J. Deredia, B. Bruni, L. Preti, Mog.

In 2008 he starts a new relationship with one of the most important artist of contemporary art, the teacher Giuliano Vangi.

Marco Ambrosini Marble Sculpture Atelier | Via Colonnata, 1 Carrara (MS) IT - +39 347 3552363 |